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Laser Eye Surgery: The Clear Benefits

If you wear contacts or glasses, you know the issues and annoyances associated with them. You’ve probably fumbled for your glasses or excused yourself when a contact lens wasn’t being agreeable. If you’re tired of these everyday nuisances, it may be time to consider laser eye surgery.


girl broken glasses upset

What Is Laser Eye Surgery?

Also referred to as vision corrective surgery, laser eye surgery is any surgical procedure that corrects or improves vision. Typically, procedures either include reshaping the cornea or replacing the eye’s natural lens. While LASIK tends to be the most prevalent kind of laser eye surgery, PRK, conductive keratoplasty (CK), glaucoma laser, YAG laser, and ICL are also options. Your eye doctor can help you decide which procedure is best for you.


Why Choose Laser Eye Surgery?

corrective eye surgeryIn recent years, extraordinary strides have been taken in this field, resulting with more people choosing vision corrective surgery. Some reasons for choosing a procedure include:


No longer needing contacts or glasses is a clear benefit of choosing laser eye surgery. Can you imagine waking up tomorrow morning and being able to see clearly without looking for your glasses in the dark or going to the bathroom to insert your contacts? Laser eye surgery will also get rid of other hassles, such as losing your glasses during physical activity, trying to match your outfit to your frames, and worrying about your contact solution leaking in your suitcase. The list goes on.

High Success Rate

For most people who choose laser eye surgery, perfect or nearly perfect vision is exactly what they get. For example, 96% of LASIK patients no longer need glasses or contacts after the procedure. There are exceptions and not everyone is a laser eye surgery candidate; however, the success rate is very high.      

Cost Effective

This is probably the most surprising benefit, but laser eye surgery is cost effective. In the United States, contact lens wearers thousands and glasses wearers spend hundreds of dollars each year. By eliminating the need for glasses and contacts, corrective vision surgery is a worthwhile investment that will end up saving you money in a matter of years. In addition, there are a variety of easy finance options available and depending on your policy, your insurance provider may cover a portion of the procedure.       

Quick and Painless

woman eyeMost corrective vision surgeries are done on an outpatient basis and take less than 10 minutes per eye. If that isn’t impressive enough, LASIK and other procedures include little to no pain. While it takes a day to a week to recover and approximately a month for your vision to fully stabilize, most patients are able to drive and return to normal activities the next day.


Want to Know More?

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