Central Serous Retinopathy

Central serous retinopathy is an eye condition where fluid accumulates underneath the retina and causes leakage or detachment which may resort in vision distortion. Patients are typically 20-50 years old and often complain of a sudden, painless loss of vision. This condition occurs 8-10 times more commonly in men than in women and is more common in Caucasians. It is felt that this may be a stress-related condition as it is more common in patients with “Type A” personalities.

Symptoms include:

  • Decreased or blurred vision
  • Distortion
  • Small image size
  • Abnormal color vision
  • Low visual acuity


  • Observation and management
  • Laser Therapy

For most patients, observation is all that is necessary. If possible, steps to reduce external stressors should be taken. In addition, we advise patients to avoid corticosteroids if possible, as they can worsen the disease.

Spontaneous visual recovery is very common with 40%-50% of patients recovering within 6 weeks, and 80%-90% within 6 months.

We generally treat patients with laser photocoagulation to treat the site of leakage who meet with the following characteristics:

  • A non-resolving serous detachment for at least two months
  • A site of leakage away from the foveal center
  • An occupational need for expedited visual recovery

This treatment has been found to accelerate resolution, but did not result in a better visual acuity.

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