Who We Are

Our Mission

At Williamson Eye Institute, we dedicate ourselves to enhancing patients’ quality of life by helping them see at their best. We are committed to preserving and protecting our patients’ eye health throughout their lives. We are committed to responding compassionately to our patients’ individual needs and advancing the highest standards of comprehensive eye care.

Our Story

Williamson Eye Institute was founded by Dr. Williamson in 1975 as a private practice of ophthalmology. With a talented and experienced team of doctors and staff, the Williamson Eye Institute has a reputation for quality care and exceptional services. We strive to provide the latest and most advanced technology for our procedures.

Information Privacy Policies

At the Williamson Eye Institute, we take your privacy very seriously. We abide by the Federal HIPAA policy as well as our office privacy policy. A copy of our privacy policy effective August 16, 2010 is listed here.

Our Doctors and Staff

Robert T. Williamson, MD

Dr. Williamson is committed to treating each patient with kindness and the most up-to-date ophthalmologic medical and surgical treatments.

Kathleen Williamson, MD

Dr. Kathleen Williamson is committed to providing each patient with the highest quality medical and surgical ophthalmic care.

Christine D. Bolton, OD

Doctor Bolton provides excellent care to her patients and continues to stay educated with the newest treatment options.