Struggling With Poor Vision? Watch Piano Man Bruce Barker’s LASIK Testimonial.

You’ve probably heard Piano Man Bruce Barker rocking out at the Neon Cactus, but have you ever heard him talk about his LASIK procedure? Like many LASIK recipients, Bruce will tell you that the procedure changed his life for the better.

“I’m ecstatic with my LASIK surgery results. I chose Williamson Eye Institute because they have a great reputation and experienced surgeons. Dr. Williamson is amazing. He and his staff examined my eyes to make sure that LASIK was a good option for me. They also explained what to expect during and after my procedure.”


“I’m a pretty active person and having to wear glasses all the time was frustrating. Now after LASIK, the feeling of not having to worry about glasses is incredible. I’m so glad I chose Williamson Eye Institute for my LASIK.”


Just like in Bruce Barker’s LASIK testimonial, you too can eliminate the hassle of glasses and contacts and see more clearly through vision correction.


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